The task of the caretaker government is to organize fair and free elections

At the beginning of today’s cabinet sitting, caretaker PM Galab Donev urged the cabinet ministers to keep their composure even though they sometimes have to answer allegations that are untrue and offensive.
“The election campaigning has begun before the official start and, unfortunately, there are factors who perceive the caretaker government as a foe in this campaign and want to take dubious political advantages at our expense,” Galab Donev said. He pointed out that the caretaker government will not be taking part in the election, and that it is logical for the parties and coalitions to look for opponents elsewhere. In Galab Donev’s words, it is the caretaker government’s prime task to resolve the problems of the Bulgarian citizens, not to enter into discussion with those who have created them with their actions or with their inaction. The caretaker PM stated that his team will continue to work hard, and in an organized fashion, for overcoming real, not made-up difficulties. “By force of the Constitution, and as our conscience dictates, it is our responsibility to provide for the preparations and the holding of fair and free elections,” Galab Donev said. “That is what we are doing and we shall do it making no compromises.” /BGNES