The new school year begins in Bulgaria

Traditionally, the school year in Bulgaria has started on September 15. "At school, you will be educated to be citizens of Bulgaria, citizens of the world and to compete with your peers all over the world. I believe you can. With these words, the Minister of Education Prof. Sasho Penov opened the academic year at the 18th William Gladstone School in Sofia.
Greetings to the children for the first day of school were also addressed by the ambassadors of Japan and the USA, Narahira Hiroshi and Herro Mustafa.
"I am convinced that this unadulterated enthusiasm and energy of students, teachers, and parents on this Bulgarian day is a strong impulse and a pledge for our future as a nation," President Rumen Radev said on the occasion of September 15. He attended the opening of the school year at the 43rd Hristo Smirnenski school in Sofia.
"Children, you are the modern guardians of Bulgarian letters," said caretaker Prime Minister Galab Donev, who opened the school year at the 60th Sts. Cyril and Methodius School, where Donev himself studied. /BGNES