National Assembly Committee on Budget and Finance approves amendment to state budget at first reading

The National Assembly Committee on Budget and Finance has approved amendments to Bulgaria’s state budget at first reading.

The MPs adopted amendments to the budget of the National Health Insurance Fund and the State Social Security Budget. The amendment envisions that an extra EUR 1 billion will be collected by the end of the year, of which EUR 900 million are earmarked for more expenditures. More money will be spent on social payments, including pensions. The business will receive an extra EUR 215 million. An additional EUR 165 million will be spent on healthcare. It is not clear yet how much money will be needed to deal with the migratory pressure.

Earlier today, BSP leader Korneliya Ninova has invited "There is Such a People" party, "Democratic Bulgaria" and "Stand up. BG! We are Coming" for talks on the budget update.

Ninova called for overcoming party jealousy and leadership ambitions in order to reach an agreement on raising incomes, including recalculating pensions, as well as providing the necessary medicines for hospitals and paying the money to doctors on the font line against coronavirus.

She also called for measures to aid the economy and for providing assistance to the structures of the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Defense for protection of the borders from illegal migrants./BGNES