Constitutional Court allows consideration of case regarding Kiril Petkov’s citizenship

The Constitutional Court has allowed consideration of the substance of the case regarding the citizenship of caretaker Minister of Economy Kiril Petkov.

The case, brought before the court at the demand of 55 MPs, is to establish whether the decree issued by President Rumen Radev, in so far as it concerns Kiril Petkov’s appointment to the post of caretaker minister of economy, contravenes the Constitution. The ruling was given unanimously by 10 judges.

The Constitution stipulates that only Bulgarian citizens can be appointed members of parliament and cabinet ministers. The magistrates have requested a number of documents regarding the case of various state institutions and have invited external constitutional experts for an opinion.

The Constitutional Court has asked President Radev to present the declaration submitted by Kiril Petkov stating that he had no citizenship other than Bulgarian before he was appointed caretaker Minister of Economy. /BGNES