Collaboration, prison or death

“The Russians give us a choice between collaboration, prison or death.” RSF exclusively interviewed three journalists in southern and eastern Ukraine. Hunted down, threatened and forced to work clandestinely or to put out Kremlin propaganda, they are at the heart of the information war being waged by the Kremlin.

“I was tempted to give up because what awaited me was, at best, a Russian Kalashnikov bullet and, at worst, torture.” Vladyslav admitted to the constant terror he felt while trying to work clandestinely for five months in Kherson. “I had to destroy everything when I left the city but those reports will remain etched in my memory”. Yuliia recalled with emotion, referring to her clandestine reporting. The shocking accounts of these Ukrainian journalists, who are in more danger than ever, give us an insight into their day-to-day attempts to survive since the start of the Russian invasion.

“Mass graves in the courtyards of buildings, neighbours burying their neighbours, destruction and looting... I was convinced that it would be useful to document these crimes". Support these women and men who risk their lives every day to keep doing their job in Ukraine. /BGNES