Central Election Commission draws by lot numbers of Presidential candidates taking part in November 14 elections

The Central Election Commission drew by lot the numbers of the political forces and the presidential candidates on the integral ballot for the two-in-one election on November 14. Representatives of the political parties, coalitions and initiative committees that nominated the candidates were present.

Bulgaria’s head of state Rumen Radev and this country’s Vice-President Iliana Yotova will participate at the forthcoming Presidential elections under No 6. Professor Anastas Gerdzhikov and Colonel Nevyana Miteva are to take part at the Presidential elections under No 15. Lozan Panov and Maria Kasimova-Moase will participate at the elctions under No 19. Mustafa Karadayi will participate at the Presidential elelctions under No17. Yolo Denev and Mario Filev, nominated by an initiative committee, will participate at the elections under No1. /BGNES