BNB: Non-compliance with sanctions under Global Magnitsky could have severe consequences for our banking system

The European Commission has sent an inquiry to the Bulgarian authorities about the sanctions imposed on Bulgarian companies under the Global Magnitsky Act. "Such unilateral action in follow-up to third country sanctions is naturally a matter of concern for the European Commission," reads the position of Brussels.

The Governor of the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) Dimitar Radev said in Parliament that non-compliance with the sanctions under the Global Magnitsky could have severe consequences for the banking system. He clarified that BNB and the commercial banks took preventive measures before the publication of the list. "On February 13, 2018, for example, the United States included a Latvian bank in this list for failing to comply with US sanctions against North Korea. Ten days later, the bank was declared bankrupt. This is an example of severe sanctions that are beyond the capacities of our banks”, added Dimitar Radev. /BGNES