Zaev's political advisers call Bulgaria and Germany mafia states and secret adepts of Nazism

Three senior political advisers of the Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev seem to be active players in the defamation campaign against Bulgaria in the western media.

That was revealed this morning on bTV by the owner of BGNES Agency Lyubcho Neshkov. He pointed out the latest publication from the based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, IFIMES institute, in which Bulgaria and Germany as countries, and their political elites, are named as "the mafia that has already penetranted the EU" .

The Slovenian lobbying institute, with the pretentious name "International Institute for Middle East and Balkan Studies" IFIMES, has been publishing for the second year in a row, fierce anti-Bulgarian analyzes and reports, which main purpose is to spread in the Western press a negative attitude towards Bulgaria. In its latest report, published on March 24, IFIMES called Bulgaria the "ugly face of the EU" and focused its attack on two topics - a historical essay on what Bulgaria used to be, and an analysis of the ruling majority in Bulgaria, in particular the GERB party. In a typical Yugoslav Tito’s style, Bulgaria is described as a "artificially created state by the treaty between Russia and the Ottoman Empire in 1878." At that time, according to the authors, there were no Bulgarians, but only "Bogomils, Macedonians and Turks", who were subsequently subjected to "forced Bulgarianization".

The "Slovenian" analysts also believe that "through GERB and similar political parties, the mafia has penetrated in the EU institutionally." According to them, the German Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and personally the Chancellor Angela Merkel are the "patrons" behind the "crimes of Boyko Borissov", stating in the same time that representatives of the CDU are also directly involved in crimes. According to the authors, besides being sister parties (as part of the European People's Party), GERB and CDU are also "sisters-crimes". The reason, as Slovenian experts explain, lies in the fact that both the CDU and its Bavarian coalition partner CSU (Christian Social Union) "secretly cultivates and sympathize with the defeated ideology of World War II." In fact, for IFIMES, besides being the criminal "bosses" of the Balkan mafia structures, Angela Merkel and her CDU party are also secret admirers of the Third Reich, the Nazism and Adolf Hitler.

Due to similar previous and not less scandalous publications, two of the institute's honorary chairmen, the former Croatian President Stipe Mesic and the last Yugoslavian foreign minister Budimir Loncar, publicly have distanced themselves from the "investigations" and stressed that the used approach relates to the UDBA-style. (UDBA used to be the ominous state security police of the Communist dictator Tito.)

According to their official website, IFIMES is based in Ljubljana and since 2018 even has a special consultative status in the UN Economic and Social Council. The main purpose of the institute is to "promote the reconciliation, the preventive diplomacy, the disarmament and the confidence-building policies in the regional and global conflicts."

The executive chiefs of the Institute are Zijad Becirovic and Bakhtijar Aljaf - are both senior political advisors to Zoran Zaev, as well as Vlado Dimovski, a professor of economics, also an adviser, on economic issues to Zaev.

Zijad Becirovic is a Bosnian national and according to several media reports, has been involved in racketeering, blackmailing politicians in Bisnia and Montenegro but also linked to the radical Islam. Bakhtijar Aljaf is an Irakien who has graduated in former Yugoslavia with a scholarship from the Yugoslav Communist Party. The three of them, no Zijad Becirovic, Bakhtijar Aljaf and Vlado Dimovski have been advisers since 2017 in the office of Zoran Zaev

According to Neshkov, the authorities in Skopje should give an answer for the actions of these official advisers of the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, particularly after yesterday's statement given by the Deputy Prime Minister Nikola Dimitrov, in which he shared that he regrets about the amendments (against Bulgaria)proposed by the Slovenian MEP Tanya Fayon, were not adopted by the European Parliament. The fact that Tanya Fayon has been previously awarded by the IFIMES, gives an interesting perspective about the possible links between Zaev, his advisers, IFIMES and the MEP. / BGNES