The Day of Letters and Culture, May 24 is the "Spiritual Easter"

On May 24 we celebrate the Day of Bulgarian Enlightenment and Culture and the Slavonic Letters, reports BGNES

For the first time on May 11, 1851 in the diocesan school "Sts. Cyril and Methodius" in the town of St. On the initiative of Naiden Gerov a celebration of Cyril and Methodius was organized.
The feast went beyond the church-school framework of its celebration and became a national holiday. It became a symbol of future independence, as Hristo Botev noted in one of his articles.
After 1878, the celebration of Cyril and Methodius developed in two directions. In free Bulgaria it was limited to a school holiday. In Macedonia and Adrianople, however, it also retained its function as a demonstration of Bulgarianness in its struggle against Turkish rule and against the assimilatory designs of Serbian and Greek propaganda. The feast of Cyril and Methodius acquired special significance after the First World War.
With the introduction of the Gregorian calendar in 1916, the feast, celebrated by the state and the church, was celebrated on one day - 24 May. /BGNES