GERB leader Boyko Borissov says machine votes may have been tampered with

GERB party leader Boyko Borissov expressed suspicion that the machine votes have been tampered with. During a visit to Stara Zagora, he stated that he had sent the party’s secretary to the Central Electoral Commission to open the voting machines and using the code the parties have been given, to check the results of the count.

Boyko Borissov said he doubted that on 2 October, more than 70,000 voters had voted not to support any of the candidates for MPs. Boyko Borissov stated further that due to ideological differences, GERB is not going to enter into coalition with the pro-Russian party Vazrazhdane. He expressed reservations that if the biggest political force in parliament, GERB, fails to form a government, then the parties that will be handed the next two mandates will be able to do so. /BGNES