Galab Donev will continue as caretaker PM, President Rumen Radev says

The next caretaker prime minister is going to be Galab Donev, President Rumen Radev told reporters. President Radev added he had never considered any other option and that when political parties are incapable of forming a government, it is up to the head of state, by force of the constitution, to appoint a caretaker government. The aim is for the preparations for the election to be completed as quickly as possible so there can be a regular cabinet and the political crisis can be resolved. In Rumen Radev’s words, going through the cycle election-parliament-dissolution of parliament at a rapid rate is not productive, and the parties, in an attempt to avoid shouldering the responsibility of governing the country at a time of crisis, are hiding behind the caretaker cabinet and concealing their own helplessness. It is not, as yet clear when the current 48th National Assembly will be dissolved, that depends on the time they will need for adopting laws. /BGNES