Bulgaria nabs 5 suspects over links to Istanbul terror attack

Bulgaria detained five people for suspected complicity in a terrorist attack that killed six people and injured dozens of others in Istanbul's Istiklal Street last week, reports said Saturday.

Three Moldavian nationals and two Arabs of unspecified nationality will be kept in custody for 72 hours saiid Siika Mileva, a spokesperson for the chief prosecutor. The prosecutor will request the court to order their permanent detention after 72 hours, she added. Mileva lauded Türkiye's cooperation in the investigative process and said the suspects were mostly involved in logistical activities after the terrorist attack. Meanwhile, Istanbul police counterterrorism squads apprehended eight more suspects linked to the deadly terror attack on Nov. 13. The Turkish government said the attack on crowded Istiklal Street was carried out by the PKK/YPG terrorist organisation. /BGNES