Borissov: PP thought they were the messiah, who would save Bulgaria, they pushed it to the bottom

And I also feel like crying when I see what they did to us for two years, GERB leader Boyko Borissov said in Varna, reported BGNES correspondent.

GERB-SDS closed its election campaign in the sea capital.

From every pocket of these Bulgarians Cyril and Assen thanks to the EU derogation, drained a lev per liter of gasoline and naphtha, this is the easiest campaign of me, Borissov said. Your concern is to make the Macedonians to behave like a candidate country for EU membership, but to close Bulgarian clubs, to beat Bulgarians there for having Bulgarian identity, this is not civilised. I want you to observe this process in the EU, Borissov turned to Weber, we cannot be good more than once, now it is their turn to prove that they are good, Borissov said.

We firmly support Ukraine, but we are hardly against the smuggling of grain, corn, sunflower from Ukraine, undercutting our prices.

The biggest sin of "We Continue the Change" is that they tried to convince people that we live in a fairy-tale world where the laws of physics and finance do not apply. This is what Tomislav Donchev, deputy chairman of GERB, said. / BGNES