Assoc. Prof. Galabov: A real change can be achieved if the Constitution changes

If anyone really wants a change, they need to strive for a change in the Constitution or for a new Constitution altogether.

The attempt for a new one failed, because there wasn’t enough political will for it. A change of the Constitution is necessary, because the one in use right now represents a prime minister’s, not a parliamentary republic, told for BGNES Assoc. Prof. Antony Galabov.

The current administrative territorial division must also be changed, considers the sociologist.

“The current 266 municipalities we have are too many. They aren’t capable of attracting European financing and don’t have the capacity to realize it, and these are really important things in people’s everyday lives nowadays,” he commented. According to him, it’s necessary for an institution of local autonomy of the regions should be created. /BGNES