7 parties and coalitions enter the 48th National Assembly

7 parties enter Bulgaria’s new Parliament after the October 2 snap elections, the Central Election Commission announced. With 100% of the tally sheets having been processed:

GERB/SDS earns 634,627 votes, 67 seats in Parliament;

“We Continue the Change”- 506,099 votes, 53 seats;

The Movement for Rights and Freedoms- 344,512 votes, 36 seats;

Vazrazhdane- 254,952 votes, 27 seats;

“BSP for Bulgaria”- 232,958 votes, 25 seats;

“Democratic Bulgaria” coalition- 186,528 votes, 20 seats;

“Bulgarian Rise”- 115,872, 12 seats.

“There is Such a People” does not pass the 4% threshold. With 96,071 votes the party gets 3.83%.

87,635 people chose the option “I do not support anyone”.

2,601,963 people voted at the October 2 snap election.

Voter turnout stands at 39.41%. /BGNES